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Complete Valves & Spares Supply (Value Added)

Our in-depth understanding and expertise on most types of valves, actuators, gearboxes and instruments allow us to provide a comprehensive supply and after-sales solution to Projects and MRO related activities. In-house accredited testing and SAC-SINGLAS endorsed reporting, Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT) with manufacturer’s representatives, warranty, rectifications, modifications, valve automation/actuation and any trouble shooting prior to our site - installation, painting, special composite coating, preservation, flange protection, tagging, packaging, handling, storage and transportation can be provided with the new valves and spares that we supply, all under one roof by our SVS Valves Team. We are able to provide competitive offers from our sourcing network, manufacturers and major stockists with a value added service solution for the following brands**.

  • DAFRAM -Ball Valves
  • LARSON and TOUBRO L & T -Mechanical Valves
  • SAMBO -Gearbox and Torque Limiters
  • DRESSER CONSOLIDATED -Safety Relief Valves
  • FARRIS -Safety Relief Valves
  • FUKUI -Safety Relief Valve
  • KLINGER SCHONEBERG -Ball & Butterfly Valves
  • KUNKLE -Safety Relief Valves
  • LESER GmbH -Safety Valves, Safety Relief Valve
  • MASONEILAN -Control Valves
  • MOTOYAMA (KOMOTO) -Control Valve, Ball Valve
  • NAKAKITA -Safety Relief Valves
  • NEWAY -Ball Valves, Safety Valves
  • RR VALVE -Mud Pumps/Reset Relief Valves
  • VANESSA -Butterfly Valves
  • WHESSOE-VAREC -Pressure Vacuum Relief Valves
  • CVS & FISHER -Diaphragm Actuated Control Valves
  • OCV -Pressure Reducing Control Valves
  • CLA-VAL -ressure Reducing Control Valves
  • MAVERICK VALVES B.V -Industrial-Pipeline Valves (API 6D)
  • KVC UK. -Industrial -Manual Valves
  • WESTAD -High Performance Butterfly Valves
  • CEPHAS -Butterfly Valves & Quarter-Turn Manual Gearboxes
  • TIV ITALY -Industrial-Manual and Pipeline Valves
  • OBK -Level Gauges
  • WIKA -Pressure and Temperature Measuring Instruments
  • KTM -Pneumatic Operated Ball Valves
  • I-TORK & AHF -Actuated Ball  Butterfly Valves
  • JIANGNAN VALVE CO. -Industrial, Manual and Control Valves
  • NDV -Diaphragm Valves
  • **(not an exhaustive list)