About Us

SVS Valves was established in the early 2008. Since inception we have expanded significantly in technical pool, expertise and capabilities to service and test all types of valves; as well as providing engineering solutions on valve related problems.

SVS Valves team specializes in servicing Safety Relief Valves, LPG/LNG Cargo Tank Valves, Control Valves and Actuated On/Off Ball Valves. Our engineers and technicians are well-trained and experienced to repair and test Fukui, Anderson Greenwood, Crosby, FMC-Luceat, Consolidated, Leser & Farris Safety Valves as well as Masoneilan, Motoyama, and Yamatake Control Valves. At the same time, our engineers and technicians have a sound fundamental knowledge and experience which enable them to be cross-trained to perform repair and reconditioning works across a broad spectrum of valve types, brands and models.

SVS Valves team has built a substantial client base, focusing on the Oil & Gas, Petrochemical and Marine & Offshore industries. Our technical pool has a vast collective experience of over 50 years in these industries. This has created a robust intangible value for the company that can be effectively leveraged by any external business partners, plant owners or valve manufacturers. We have been rigorously audited and appointed as the authorized repair and testing facility for the following manufacturers FUKUI SEISAKUSHO CO. LTD (Safety Valves), LESER GmbH (Safety Valves), KLINGER SCHONEBERG (Ball Valves) and TIV VALVES S.r.l (Ball Valves). We are also experienced in providing support services in the areas of repair, refurbishment and integrity testing for the various (OEM) brands of ball valves under Cameron in Singapore.

SVS Valves Pte. Ltd. entity is a SAC-SINGLAS Accredited testing laboratory for performing tests on a broad spectrum of valve types such as safety relief, pilot operated safety relief, pressure vacuum, control, on-off actuated and manual valves (gate, globe, check, ball and butterfly) in accordance with international standards. We can issue endorsed test certificates for all of these valves.